Introduction to KEDA


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The presentation “Introduction to KEDA” provided a comprehensive overview of Kubernetes Event-Driven Autoscaling (KEDA). It covered the core concepts and advanced features of KEDA, emphasizing its role in dynamic resource scaling based on event-driven metrics. The session highlighted KEDA’s integration with Kubernetes, its support for multiple event sources, and its fine-grained scaling capabilities.

Attendees learned about KEDA’s architecture and saw practical demonstrations of real-world use cases. The talk also addressed challenges such as cold start latency and configuration overhead, and discussed future enhancements to improve KEDA’s functionality.

Agenda included:

  • Overview of KEDA
  • Key Features of KEDA
  • How KEDA Works
  • Use Cases
  • Hands-on Demo
  • Challenges & Future
  • Q&A Session