Kunal Das

Passionate Innovator in DevOps and Cloud Technologies

Welcome to my world! I’m Kunal, a fervent problem-solver specializing in DevOps and Cloud Administration. With a rich background in automating and optimizing technology infrastructures, I excel in crafting efficient, scalable solutions.

🌟 What I Do: As a DevOps Lead, I’ve streamlined processes, enhanced CI/CD pipelines, and reduced costs significantly. My expertise spans Azure, Python, Docker, Kubernetes, and more.

📚 Learning and Sharing: Continuous learning is my mantra. I’m currently pursuing an MS in Data Science and regularly share my insights through talks and writings.

💡 My Philosophy: “There’s a solution to every problem, and I am passionate about finding it.”

📝 I regularly write technical articles for Medium

🌍 Connect with Me:

kunald_official kunaldaskd

Languages and Tools:

android azure bash c docker gcp git java jenkins kubernetes linux mysql photoshop python selenium